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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 3, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> [ yelling] raucous night at the oakland city council meeting where large crowd demanded answers in officer involved shooting. good evening. >> about half othat angry crowd was locked out of tonight oakland city council meeting tlvlt was talk of overflow room but none was made available. abc 7 news reporter was in the thick of it and he's live at oakland city hall for us right now. allen. >>reporter: two weeks ago the same demonstrators forced the
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city council to cancel their meeting. the plan this time by the city was to limit the seating so that police could control the crowd. city manager decision to close off the balcony for safety purposes setoff the crowd before the meeting even started. with limited seats the overflow crowd refused to watch on tv in a separate room. extra police were called in to guard the doors. l 30. will be no business as usual in oakland until there's justice for. >>reporter: they demand police report on the officer involved shooting death of 18-year-old allen bloom ford. police believe the high school senior had a gun when they shot him last may. >> we are just trying to get answers and we say it and say it and we haven't been able to get answers. at ever turn shut down. discouraged. treated badly. >> it pains me every time you
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me here d you lk autboui it >>port: cncil memr broopromed thelp und one nditio >>ut dn't jus come a ll. ecausehat doest change anying. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >> if you can not allow us to conduct our business i'm going to ask the officers to clear the chambers. >>reporter: after the crowd erupted again council member reid finally ovrd his cope of the report to bloom ford patients. police chief relessed the report to the lawyer who is suing the city. >> i wouldn't have got them as quickly as i have them now mainly because they were not being moved quickly for me. the district attorney hadn't completed their investigation but i think this process was helpful. >>reporter: after an hour of demonstrating the crowd marched out allowing the city council to continue their meeting. the bloom ford attorney burris says
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he will begin reviewing the 300 page report tomorrow. reporting live in oakland city hall, allen wong abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> court appointed monitor issued a critical report of oakland police this evening. report accuses officers of sometimes opening fire on suspects even if they don't face an imminent threat. monitor robert war shaw said that in house investigations of shootings fall short. one shooting in particular in may of last year when miss killed 2 men. alameda county prosecutors cleared police in the case. head of oakland police union defends how shoot rtion dissected. this comes as oakland faces a possible federal take over of its police force. >> new at 11 the bomb squad zero in on home in san francisco bay view district tonight. sheriff's deputy asked san francisco police explosive expert to search the home on thomas avenue. now police examine items at the scene and didn't evacuate the area. officers did take away
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items but they are not saying if they found any explosives. >> well the summer driving season is over but if you thought gas price were his high. wait. 20 to 30 cent spike in prices ov the next few ys. hat's onop of keep inind e soaring pris we have en since thehevron refineryire on august 6. lisa is looking that this for us tonight and live with some surprising answers as to why. >>reporter: that is very true. i am here in palo alto tonight where at this pacic ga station the price regular gas shot up 24 cents since yeerday. and it will only get worse. gas prices shot up today. and according to petroleum analyst gas the spike is california specific. they blame low fuel production on august she have respect refinery fire in richmo, igh prsure in tonsower surge at exx
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mobile and maintenance on crude oil pipe in southern california >> all of these refinery issues coming together at the same time l essentially the perfect storm if you will. >>reporter: pricey storm gas says is driving up wholesale gas prices for retailers. who are then raising prices at the pump. >> there is not a shortage per se. there is more a perception of shortages. >>reporter: it was price and oil forecaster insist the reason for the current gas price surge are false. >> everybody is jack up their wholesale prices not because of current ortages but shingtonthey anticipate to be shortages. >>reporter: he says conmers are being held hostage by shortage scare that doesn't exist. but everyone agrees prices are going up. and they will continue going up by as much as 10 cents a day this week. hitting california consumers right where it hurts. keep going up. and t
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onomy noto good writ no so making it harder for us. >>reporter: so what can we do? hibgy says if consumer buy 10% less gas over the next few months the demand will go down and so will the prices. live in palo alto tonight, lisa, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> on to our sizzle hot weather now. people packed san francisco baker beach today seeking some relief. temperatures have similar erred down a bit but still mid 70's in san francisco right now. sandy is here with some of the records set today. >> yes as we take a lack at the live doppler 7 hd fears show that you perspective then talk about the records. as you will notice we don't have any fog yet. ew high clouds moving in to the north we will see a chge coming today though kent field record at 99egree degrees. moffitt field record
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at 95 that's new and san jose was snix tie for the reported for the day. san francisco 94 day. 103 in livmore. 101 in santa cruz. 95 oaklan santa rosa up to 103 degrees. i'll be back to let you know when the heat willless some steam and you may trading those short sleeves for long sleeves. you may need the umbrella back with the details coming up. >> thank you. >> the drowning of lafayette man in sacramento river has been ruled accidental tonight. 20-year-old brett olson vanished near chicoover bor day ekend. fisherma fou e by a ek later. doct deteined that olson did drown. the student had alcohol in his system and had recently used cocaine. his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit to drive. he grew up in lafayette and graduated from this high schoo school. >> police lack for vandal throwing object at cars in antioch. happened twice last week near the good. street
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overpass on highway 4. 2 people were injured after the window shattered then last night obstruct an aulance. no o wasurt in the incint but the was sgnificant damage pole not saying extly what is being thrown. body has been recovered on the san mateo coast lane where fishing boat capsized on sunday. we were overhead as the sheriffs deputy searched for a missing fisherman. coroner was called in. san mateo sheriff's office confirms tonight the body is that of ping. on sunday a big wave hit and overturned a boat. 4 men started swim to go shore. 2 didn't make it. the body of the other missing fisherman was found. >> man hunt under way after u.s. border patrol agent shot and killed near the mexican border. happened in arizona near the town of mako early this morning. second agent injured in the ambush. thd escaped unhard. agents were checki on arm tigged by sensor along the boer. fbi
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will send the resources into the investigation. officials believe a mexican drug cartel may involved. agent who died was 30 years old nicholas ivy from utah leaving behind a wife and 2 children. >> parents demand answer after youngirl assaued aschool. hat ty want om the distct we arn akey ece of evidencehaled to his capte. >> also. the angel fly into town in. how soon you hear the ear splitting roar. >> in southern california. meet some real life crime fighters. they are dressed for the job. more and later on "nightline". >> big fat experiment. we'll follow one human guinea pig and three-month fast-food bender. >> team explore america >> team explore america uncharted canyonc
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>> tonight we have learned new information about a man accused of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from her school in san mateo. what they have found out is the key piece of evidence that he
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left for police at another school that led them right to his door. 7 news reporter john olson is onhe story. >>reporter: patientleft meeting at pa side ementary scho, some wh linging concns w t dirict handled la month dnapping of 9-year-old girl here. >> we wanted to hear what the school was doing. to improve the situation. what they were doing with regard to the broken fences and things like that. everything is now it's in process. >>reporter: police believe the same man 25-year-old bradley snapped pictures of several girls in a restroom at washington elementary school in daly city back in march. >> they heard the clicking of camera and went and told a teacher. teacher went in saw somebody was hiding in the stall and ordered that person to come out then. >>reporter: authorities weren't able to make the connection until last month after they say he offered vodka and made lewd comments to 2 girls near the academy. suspect then went to nearby
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this school where he signed in using his real name before being kicked off campus then allegedly went to park side where police say he groped abducted 9-year-old girl. he was arrested early the next da day. at tonight meeting school superintendent cynthia sims said there will be security improvements. >> there are a series of fencing projects already under way. there will be an 8 foot fence put at the back of the school and then a redirecting, direct everyone that comes on the campus that the office. >>reporter: the district was already planning to install security camera at all the schools where the money from previous ballot initiative. he's in jail charged with kidnapping child molestation. john alston abc 7 news. >> crime fighters with different kind are patrolling the streets on san diego toug toughest neighborhood. they are called the justice league with mr. extreme, the grim and
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urban aconvenient jevrment the costume crusaders wake through the city heights neighborhood handing out fliers with pictures of criminals on them. on this night they are asking to help find a double murder expect. mr. extreme says the costumes work. >> grab their attention and ask what it's about. they find there's a real message. true message. true activism. >> that's great they are trying to help out the community and stuff like that. nobody else really cares. nobody else walking around with costumes on trying to fight crime. like superman "spider-man". >>reporter: now lee claims it got 2 murder and rape in the neighborhood but need more hel help. now recruiting looking to add to the current 15 members of the extreme justice league. >> all right. let's change gears dramatically. we captured the navy blue angel flying information athey apprched sfo this ening 4 jets wi ldtomorr after elindela dayed tem practice is onhursday and friday along the waterfront and
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the pilot who listened the the plane on new york hudson river is expected to be a guest on one of the flights. he ace bay area native. hundreds of thousands expected to watch the blue angel during air show on saturday and sunday. >> coast guard shows today what it will do to keep the crowd safe. team staged varrett of drill off the iland. areas of e bayill be o lims ring their shoand nday america's cup ra. 65 boats from the coast guard and other agencies will be patrolling the bay this weekend. >> all right. apparently it will not be quite as hot. >> let's check in with sandy. >> we'll be looking at comfortable weather if you check out the activities they are happening this weekend. so much happening. fleet week. obviously america's cup. big changes are coming. live doppler 7 hd showing you couple of clouds moving through to the north. just around clover dal dale. high clouds. nothing to be concerned about. today topic on fa box was hot
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weather. people were talking about it. i asked them to please describe what it was leak. david t wrote a scorche scorcher. love it. peggy c sizzling hot. and md like an oven i hate it. hopefully you will be liking the changes that are coming. here's lovely view. high definition setting sun at 6:50 spectacular look at the clouds going through. nice color made up of ice crystals. that's why you saw the beautiful colors there. temperatures at 73 grecian in san francisco. still pretty warm. 86 in antioch. 72 san jose up towards napa cooling off. 63 degrees. here are the forecast highlights clear and mild again tonight. heat tomorrow and sharp cooling the rest of the week solve the changes are coming. look at this satellite picture showing you our hot air mass beginning to fall apart with the hot pattern beginning to break we see some changes starting tomorrow. start the forecast animation of 5:00 a.m. see
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clear sky but watch what happens at 11 or 12:00 o'clock. fog surge northward. sea breeze kicks in and combination of the 2 will top our temperatures by as much as 20 degrees in san francisco. you will feel the difference tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning we start out clear and mild. mid 50's to mid 60's. i know not great sleeping weather if you don't have air conditioning along the coast but inland valley you have the ac it will be good to go. leave your jacket home heading off to work. warm day santa clara and 90 in los gatos but this is far cry from the heat we experienced today. on the peninsula 84 palo alto, 86 los altos, check out pacifica with patchy fog. downtown san francisco mild 74 degree day after 94 today. get you up into the north bay. see the fog there at stinson beach. 82 santa rosa. vallejo head out
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to the east bay. 79 oak land. hayward mid 80's castro valley and inland community out of the triple digit. 94 for livermor livermore. 91 in walnut creek. dublin still warm. 90 degrees for the monterey bay. fog first and 67 in monterey. 88 morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast cooling begins tomorrow. it's much cooler thursday low 80's inland low 60's coast. check out friday saturday sunday mid upper 70's in our inland valley. cooler than normal. upper 50's and bringing in a slight chance of rain on monday. yes you heard right. jaws slight chance. all right. how about this. you could be a big winner when we give away 49,000 llars. hopelly y are a in for. that alof our friends on facebook eligible whether new fan or you have been waiting with us from the beginning just go to our facebook page at slash abc 7 news and click the win 49,000 dollar button on the middle right of the computer screen. that will take you to this page where you can fill out the entry form.
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announce the winnerctober18 after e 49ersame on abc 7 news. mike will bhere from 4:30 toecei tracking any weather changes coming including a cool down. >> thanks. >> if you have ever used or thought about using a tanning bed there is new research to know about. >> what
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>> new research from uc sf link tanning bed to increase in skin cancer. indoor tanner are 67 percent more likely to develop carcinoma compared with those who never used tanning bed and ba el cel ccinoma incrsed by 2 percent. melanoma theeadliest form of skin cancerncrease and indoor tanning before age 25 at the highest risk. >> medical researchers paid some human guinea pig thousands office dollars per person to see exactly what happened when they ate fast-food every day. study at washington university in st. louis examine the effects of eating one meal from a fast-food restaurant every day. participant ate and got paid until the weight increased by 5 or 6 percent. study may
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>> good evening. a's celebrated play off first last nature. so tonight is the after party. maybe also the pre-party because a's just caught the rangers. in first place since april now the titl will comeown t e game tomorr. green gold passion. 30,000 at the coliseum tonight. travis went 6 strong innings and jam in the second. i soto. in the third hamilton shot to right center. josh plays the bounce off the wall. try to score from first. steven drew can't handle it. 1 nothing texas. still 1-o in the fifth. norris base hit to right off harrison came in as
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18 game winner. bobble it. josh donaldson scores. moss will race home. a's up 2-1. then in the sixth petaluma pride there it comes and goes. johnny crushed. 18 of the year solo blast. 3-1 like last nature. slam the door in the 9th. crews struck him out. tie texas for the division lead 3-1 the final setting up a winner take all game tomorrow afternoon. >> who would have thought we would be here. i know we did. i know thehole team did. i don't know about anyone else. as long as we believe inside this clubhouse and we know we can get it done, we are going to do it. i honest believe we are going to win it tomorrow. >> started out playing 3 62 games. tomorrow 162. we'll see what happens. >>reporter: amazing. oakland and texas have identical records. 93 and 68. one of them will end up with division titles and one the wild


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